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        Response to Leon Weinstein’s Letter

        August 4th, 2008 by Alexei Zoubov

        The next day after posting my previous entry I did a Google search on “Leon Weinstein” and discovered a response to his “Open letter to Obama“.

        I would like you to read Leon’s letter first and then go to Jews4Obama page to read their response.

        I would also suggest to follow all links in the response posting, because they refer to some specific allegations by Leon Weinstein and provide factual material that shows that Leon Weinstein is just lying all through his letter.

        I’ve made a wrong conclusion based on my previous email exchange with him. I said there that Leon’s intelligence left him for good, now it seems that his honesty and integrity are gone too (in case they’ve been there in the first place). I’d love to be mistaken, but there is just too much evidence.

        What is still most amazing to me is that the whole tone and method’s of Weinstein seem to be borrowed from old Soviet party newspapers. That’s how Soviet communists use to smear their “enemies” , both domestic and International.

        I guess we will hear more from Leon. He definitely has a condition, called graphomania.

        He also produced other two opuses I know of: “Open letter to Senator McCain” (in Leon’s opinion, McCain is a leftist) and “American Robin Hood” against all Obama’s policies. The latter includes an interesting thought that democracy always leads to socialism (!!!!).

        Quite enough for the day, time to do music.

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