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        The World according to Leon

        August 24th, 2008 by Alexei Zoubov

        Every ideology has its postulates.

        Many of these postulates are wrong in practically every ideology. Based on these postulates the adherents of a particular ideology are making supposedly logical conclusions. These conclusions and conclusions derived from them make the body of ideology.

        As Merriam-Webster tells us, it is “the integrated assertions, theories and aims that constitute a sociopolitical program” (that’s one of definitions, the one that relates to what I intend to talk about the most).

        Basic characteristics of ideology (according to Willard A. Mullins):

        1. it must have power over cognitions;
        2. it must be capable of guiding one’s evaluations;
        3. it must provide guidance towards action;
        4. it must be logically coherent.

        The first three points are obviously correct, the fourth one is desirable, but often not present.

        If the ideology is based on arbitrary assumptions and especially if it isn’t coherent, ideology becomes akin to religion; it is then a system of beliefs that aren’t or couldn’t be proved and have no real correlation to reality.

        One good example of such is the Soviet Communist party ideology that we, Russian immigrants, are unfortunately very familiar with. Another example is the ideology of Bush and his administration, which is as “valid” as the Soviet one. Actually, the methods of putting these ideologies in action are frightfully similar in both of them.

        My intent is to present some postulates that are the basis of the ideology of specific group of people, very well represented by already mentioned on this blog Leon Weinstein.

        I have to warn you, if you find the following funny, think once more, I think it is scary.

        Let’s start with the most inportant statement:

        1. All people are equal, but those that have more money are more equal (proportionally).

        This one was adopted from “1984”, as you’ve probably noticed. This is a “corner stone” or, better to say, the corner stone. Nobody says it openly, but you always can read it between the lines.

        Follows from the first, but also a postulate by itself:

        2. Worth of a human being is measured by his/her money worth.

        From this follows that success is measured only by the ability to create personal wealth.

        3. Poor people are losers and don’t deserve any help whatsoever. (Poor also usually means: those who work for low wages).

        4. Rich people are real deserving winners and should be respected and praised according to their monetary worth.

        Here is a logical (or illigical) conclusion from #3 and #4.:

        5. Poor people (losers) deserve less money, rich people (winners) deserve more money.

        Here is a rule, which could be discovered only by studying proposed measures and legislations:

        6. Money coming from investment is better money than which is earned by actual work.

        That is a logical conclusion from everything above. People working for low wages don’t have money to invest, they are losers. Those who have money to invest are winners, their money (capital gains, dividends) should be taxed less than wages.

        7. All social programs are just robbing the successful people. (That, of course, includes health care for everybody and even public education).

        In simple terms: Succeed or be damned!

        As it was stated earlier, an ideology “must provide guidance towards action.” So, watch for the actions. Very often only the actions give the clue to the underlying ideology.

        From this world view follows, that any free social programs are just encouraging losers and lazy bums. Public schools also serve mostly losers. Forget about universal health care.

        Profit, profit,profit, money, money, money – real engine of society. If you ever watched Star Trek (Next Generation and Space 9), you should remember Ferengi, that was exactly their ideology.

        Watch for the post on this ideology in Leon’s writings.

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