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        History and Economy according to Weinstein (Part 2)

        September 8th, 2008 by Alexei Zoubov

        This is Part 2. Part 1 ended with Weinstein inventing new word definitions. According to him, you can’t say the person is “rich”, you have to say “Producer”. Pretty Orwellian Newspeak.

        OK, here is Leon Weinstein again. The following is presented even in more infantile way than the previous part:

        The new Elected Officials came up with an ingenious idea of how to get even some of the hard working people to vote for them. They told the people who worked hard, but didn’t earn a lot, that money will be taken not from them but from ‘the rich’, and that they could vote without any fear, knowing that they were deciding what to do with other people’s money. Those hard working people were even told that if they voted for this new order, some of the money earned and saved by ‘the rich’ would be given to them. And the only thing they were asked to do in order to get this money was to vote for the Democratic Party. You do not have to work or study hard or do anything to get those additional funds, just vote for us, Democrats were saying.

        I have to stop here and take a deep breath, I’ve lived in this country for about 25 years, I was reading and listening and I haven’t ever heard or read Democrats saying anything like that. This way of presenting a distorted reality reminds me of the way the history was taught in elementary schools in USSR. Yes, the paradox is, that Leon is using the same methods of distortions, half-truths and downright lies that Soviet communists used.

        As a result of this new order of things, a big portion of the population stopped working at all. Why work if you can get almost the same benefits and money as the working people? The users of wealth knew that their representatives would bring them more and more money, so they even began to think that somehow Producers owed them money and benefits. Some of them thought that they have a right to receive assistance because they had a rough childhood, some because their ancestors were slaves, some because their skin was the same color as the slaves’ skin color, some because they came to this country illegally and had endured a lot of hardship crossing the border, some because they just wanted more money. And at a certain point in time, due to several factors including low birth rate among those who produced wealth, and the high birth rate of those who received benefits without working, there finally were more than half of the voters that were not working and creating things, but getting money from those that produced, created and worked hard. We call those people who depend on the benefits from the State – Users.

        Well, there are always people milking the system, and I mean – any system. And there are not only those that receive benefits, there are also “rich” people that I wouldn’t call “producers”, that use deregulations and loopholes in the tax system and laws to get more of peoples money without any work whatsoever.

        I’m not sure how Leon managed to calculate that more than half of the voters don’t work. When you make claims like that, please provide the source of this statistics.

        Once more, Leon isn’t for a balance in the system. He just wants to abolish all regulations and all benefits for the poor. He and his fellow reactionaries hate the New Deal that took the country out of Great Depression and created the most prosperous time in American history.

        The moment that Users saw that they are a majority and Producers of wealth are a minority..

        Where is that coming from? The story completely loses any connection to reality! If he claims that “Users” are the majority, then he obviously counts working class and low paid service workers as “Users”.

        …Users decided to elect one of their own as the President, the very person in charge of all the money the State was receiving from Producers.

        The president is not and never was in charge of money – more Newspeak! He can submit the budget, but the congress has to approve it or reject it.

        Many Democrats were promising Users to get more money for them, but they voted for the one that promised that he will greatly increase the amount of money the ‘rich’ Producers will pay as their taxes on earnings, double the amount of money the ‘rich’ Producers pay on their Capital Gains and Dividends, take a huge share of the money from Producers they would leave their accumulated wealth to their families and raise other taxes even more in order to give more to those that will elect him. The Users were happy about the prospects of getting more money from Producers and they all rushed to elect him to the highest office in the land.

        There are two obvious conclusions from the above:

        1. Money that comes from investments and stock speculation is better money (for Leon and his ilk)than that coming from wages. See Postulate #6 in The World according to Leon.

        2. There is an underlying idea, that poor people shouldn’t vote at all. Like in the old times, when only the owners of property could vote!

        Once more, if you read all that Weinstein was trying to say above,you see that it is based on his absolute conviction that poor people are just inferior people and shouldn’t be helped at all. I’d understand if he’d just criticize the excesses of, say, welfare or bad management of some social programs. No he just doesn’t want any, they are all just robbing “Producers”. And for him all people with money are “Producers”, period. I just wonder, what is his threshold for turning from “User” (read: loser) to “Producer” (winner). Did McCain mentioned something like 5 million?

        If you are tired, I understand. I’m tired myself, it was an awful work to read all that, and not once! I need some time to recover. But I will finish the job, I promise!

        In the next post we are going to meet Leon The Prophet! Get scared, people! The greatest scholar of history, economics and social studies will tell you about the perils of voting for Democrats and Obama.

        Watch for Part 3 – the conclusion.

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