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        Jazz Musicians, Russian Immigrants and Politics

        September 21st, 2008 by Alexei Zoubov

        Almost all last week I was conducting an absolutely unscientific poll in person and by telephone.

        The question was “What is your estimate of the percentage of conservative republicans among – [the name of the group the polled belongs]

        There were two groups asked:

        1. Jazz musicians
        2. Russian immigrants of the last wave (1970 – to now)


        The results of this so called “poll” (absolutely unscientific, but still very revealing):

        The percentage of conservative republicans:

        1. Among Jazz musicians – about 10%
        2. Among Russian Americans – about 90%


        I find it very interesting and very significant. I have my own ideas why it is so, but I really would like to hear from others.

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