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        TV Ads, Smoking and Suicide

        September 27th, 2008 by Alexei Zoubov

        I already posted a story about my allergy to ads.

        Now, there is another TV ad that deserves your attention. It promotes a pill to help in quitting smoking. May be you’ve seen it – there is a hare and a turtle on the road – probably referring to Zenon’s paradox, but mostly to stress that quitting smoking is a difficult and lengthy process, so the use of this pill would appear almost inevitable.

        Now, what about the side effects? I couldn’t believe my years: you could experience suicidal thoughts.

        No, I’m not joking, the ad says: “If you experience suicidal thoughts, call your doctor

        I used to smoke non-stop, about 3 packs a day. I quit about 18 years ago, without pills, gum, hypnosis, absolutely on my own. True, it wasn’t easy and required a lot of inner work and some methods I learned in a 12 step program (not for smokers). I experienced a lot of very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, even was depressed for a while. Adding to that a pill that could cause suicidal thoughts – no, thank you!

        If you watch TV, you would eventually see this ad. If you are a smoker and are planning to quit, you might wish to write your suicidal note before taking this pill.

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